AESOP Sustainable Food Planning

One of the main goals of the Association of European Schools of Planning (AESOP) ( is to acquire “a leading role and entering its expertise into ongoing debates and initiatives regarding planning education and planning qualifications of future professionals". In this frame, the AESOP thematic group “Sustainable Food Planning” (SFP) ( find its rationale recognizing that “fashioning a sustainable food system is one of the most compelling challenges of the 21st Century. Because of its multi-functional character, food is an ideal medium through which to design sustainable places, be they urban, rural or peri-urban places. For all these reasons, food planning is now bringing people together from a wide range of backgrounds, including planners, policy-makers, politicians, designers, health professionals, environmentalists, farmers, food businesses, gastronomists and civil society activists among many others”.

In 2015, after having been hosted in England, Wales, Germany, France and the Netherlands through out this time providing a unique forum for cross disciplinary and interdisciplinary exchanges, the 7th Annual Conference of the AESOP thematic group SFP will take place in Torino, Italy.

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