About Politecnico di Torino

Politecnico di Torino (POLITO), founded in 1859, is the oldest technical university in Italy offering a wide range of programmes in Engineering and Architecture at all levels. It strongly belives that “Universities must have a broad vision and the ability to manage development projects to encourage the construction processes of consciousness in a context of profound change”. Therefore it sets the following goals :

  • to sustain Research on sustainable development, technology transfer and innovative teaching methods;
  • to enhance its involvement in cooperation programs, and the collaboration with non-governmental both national and international organisation;
  • to optimize the lack of resources and the different skills in order to achieve the expected results.

Since 2007, Politecnico di Torino identified within its Strategic Plan the following seven strategic lines:

  • An international Research University
  • An advanced formative model
  • The Governance model
  • A University in the regional network, open to the city and the territory
  • A policy for the internationalization (internationalization of research / of training; support to students and professors involved in international mobility programs; attraction of foreign students, PhD students and researchers; support for international cooperation)
  • A strong link with the institutions, businesses and professions
  • The centrality of human capital and quality of life on campus

It has a long term experience in European and international project management in all fields including research, technology transfer, development cooperation and academic mobility. For the optimal execution of the project it relies on its Department of International Affairs which includes the International Projects and Development Cooperation Unit. Within cooperation programmes, it currently participates as coordinator or partner in 16 projects (14 Tempus and LLP, 2 EuropeAid).

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