Workshop 1

Making effective an agricultural park in Turin/Villaretto: present conditions and measures to be provided

The workshop aims at deepen the issues and perspectives of development for an agricultural park located in Turin. To this end a short reflection about possible changes and appropriated planning tools will be carried on. In particular, the workshop will focus on the way in which a multifunctional agriculture can be fostered, according to the other issues of surrounding peripheral areas.

Local experts and stakeholders

Participants representative of  Planning Department, Comune di Torino; Green areas Department, Comune di Torino; IFLA-AIAPP, Italian Association af Landscape Architecture; College of agronomists of Turin Province; Coldiretti Torino  Farmers Union 


  • Federica Larcher,University of Turin
  • Emanuela Saporito, Polytechnic of Turin


  • Giuseppe CinĂ , Polytechnic of Turin
  • Jan-Eelco Jansma, WU
  • A researcher member of the PhD Forum
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