Workshop 3

Feeding the city locally: farmers’ markets, periurban agriculture and short supply chains, places of production, networks of action 

The workshop will focus on the relationships between peri-urban and urban agriculture and local market, considering farmers’ markets, projects of Community Supported Agriculture, solidarity purchase groups and other experiences of alternative food networks in the framework of metropolitan territorial and landscape governance, such as Corona Verde (green belt), Contratti di Fiume (River Agreement).

Local experts and stakeholders

Participants representative of  farmers, representatives of farmers and consumers organization, local officers, other experts.


  • Giacomo Pettenati University of Turin
  • Aurora Cavallo (University of Molise)
  • Joselle Dagnes


  • Coline Perrin (Inra)
  • Angioletta Voghera, Polytechnic of Turin
  • Egidio Dansero, University of Turin
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