Track 1. Spatial Planning and Urban Design [pp 1-198]

  • Track 1 [pp 1-198] application/pdf (9.76 MB)
  • pp 2-21 application/pdf (1.89 MB)

    Andrea Oyuela,  Arnold van der Valk

    Collaborative planning via urban agriculture: the case of Tegucigalpa (Honduras) 

  • pp 22-35 application/pdf (355.68 kB)

    Magda Rich, Andre Viljoen, Karl Rich

    The ‘Healing City’ – social and therapeutic horticulture as a new dimension of urban agriculture?

  • pp 36-41 application/pdf (273.69 kB)

    Mario Artuso

    Urban agriculture, food production and city planning in a medium sized city of Turin metropolitan area: a preliminary note which compares geography and local policies rapeutic horticulture as a new dimension of urban agriculture?

  • pp 42-56 application/pdf (1.83 MB)

    Christoph Kasper, Juliane Brandt, Katharina Lindschulte, Undine Giseke

    Food as an infrastructure in urbanizing regions

  • pp 57-66 application/pdf (419.09 kB)

    Giuseppe Cinà

    Somewhere the city slows down and the country comes back. Figures of a starting change of course in many Italian urban fringes

  • pp 67-82 application/pdf (316.06 kB)

    Megan Heckert, Joseph Schilling, Fanny Carlet

    Greening us legacy cities—a typology and research synthesis of local strategies for eclaiming vacant land 

  • pp 83-97 application/pdf (498.17 kB)

    Daniela Poli

    Sustainailble food, spatial planning and agro-urban public space in bioregional city ing vacant land

  • pp 98-106 application/pdf (595.01 kB)

    Andre Viljoen, Katrin Bohn

    Pathways from Practice to Policy for Productive Urban Landscapes ant land

  • pp 107-117 application/pdf (1.10 MB)

    Jacques Abelman

    Cultivating the city: infrastructures of abundance in urban Brazil

  • pp 118-130 application/pdf (253.71 kB)

    Susan Parham

    The productive periphery: food space and urbanism on the edge

  • pp 131-145 application/pdf (646.19 kB)

    Matthew Potteiger

    Eating Ecologies: Integraging productive ecologies and foraging at the landscape scale

  • pp 146-155 application/pdf (644.89 kB)

    David Fanfani, Sara Iacopini, Michela Pasquali, Massimo Tofanelli

    Sustain-edible city: Challenges in designing agri-urban landscape for the ‘proximity’ city. The case of Prato, Tuscany

  • pp 156-170 application/pdf (1.20 MB)

    Radu Mircea Giurgiu, Fritz-Gerald Schröder, Nico Domurath, Daniel Brohm

    Vertical farms as sustainable food production in urban areas. Addressing the context of developed and developing countries. Case study: brick born farming, Dresden, Germany

  • pp 171-184 application/pdf (755.28 kB)

    Dirk Wascher, Leonne Jeurissen

    Metropolitan Footprint Tools for Spatial Planning. At the Example of Food Safety and Security in the Rotterdam Region

  • pp 185-198 application/pdf (1.25 MB)

    Bruno Monardo, Anna Laura Palazzo

    Healthy Works. Food System and Land Use Planning in San Diego Region


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