Track 5. Flows and Networks [pp 478-603]

  • Track 5 [pp 478-603] application/pdf (5.63 MB)
  • pp 479-489 application/pdf (266.67 kB)

    Simon Maurano, Francesca Forno

    Food, territory and sustainability: alternative food networks. Development opportunities between economic crisis and new consumption practices

  • pp 490-500 application/pdf (428.88 kB)

    Jean-Baptiste Geissler

    Short food supply chain and environmental “foodprint”: why consumption pattern changes could matter more than production and distribution and why it is relevant for planning

  • pp 501-516 application/pdf (1.15 MB)

    Rosanne Wielemaker, Ingo Leusbrock, Jan Weijma and Grietje Zeeman

    Harvest to harvest: recovering nitrogen, phosphorus and organic matter via new sanitation systems for reuse in urban agriculture

  • pp 517-525 application/pdf (537.82 kB)

    Silvia Barbero, Paolo Tamborrini

    Systemic Design goes between disciplines for the sustainability in food processes and cultures or reuse in urban agriculture

  • pp 526-539 application/pdf (1.25 MB)

    Gianni Scudo, Matteo Clementi

    Local productive systems planning tools for bioregional development html> or reuse in urban agriculture

  • pp 540-551 application/pdf (2.10 MB)

    Fanqi Liu

    Eating as a planned activity: an ongoing study of food choice and the built environment in Sydney > html> or reuse in urban agriculture

  • pp 552-565 application/pdf (1.11 MB)

    Egidio Dansero, Giacomo Pettenati

    Alternative Food Networks as spaces for the re-territorialisation of food. The case of Turin

  • pp 566-573 application/pdf (410.03 kB)

    Franco Fassio

    Cultural events as “complex system” in their territorial relationships: the case study of the Salone Internazionale del Gusto and Terra Madre

  • pp 574-590 application/pdf (1.20 MB)

    Michael Andrew Robinson Clark, Jason Gilliland

    Mapping and analyzing the connections and supply chains of an Alternative Food Network in London, Canada

  • pp 591-603 application/pdf (650.79 kB)

    Salvatore Pinna

    Agricultural landscape protection and organic farming ethics: the role of Alternative Food Networks in spatial planning. A case study from Spain

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