Poster Session

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    FAO. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. RUAF Foundation

    City region food system. Building sustainable and resilient city regions

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    Città di Torino (edited by Maria Bottiglieriet al.)

    Città di Torino. 4 good practices 4 one urban food policy  right to food oriented.
    School canteens / Soup kitchens / Farmer stands in the city markets / Social gardens

  • p 618 application/pdf (3.20 MB)

    Eva Liliana Ardila Cortés, Miguel Angel Vasquez

    Educating Teachers for Agricultural Production Training, an Experience of Universidad de Los Llanos and Its Impact on Colombian Orinoquia

  • p 619 application/pdf (4.10 MB)

    Francesca Basile

    Project proposals for the enhancement of the landscape in Corona Verde. The strategy of urban edges in the town of Venaria Reale

  • p 620 application/pdf (2.17 MB)

    Jeroen de Vries, Mihaela Harmanescu

    Strategies for local food production in the rural fringe in Bucharest

  • p 621 application/pdf (2.11 MB)

    Jason Gilliland

    SmartAPPetite: Using Innovative Technology to Promote Healthy Eating and Strengthen the Local Food Economy

  • p 622 application/pdf (2.59 MB)

    R. M. Giurgiu, Schroder N. Domurath, D. Brohm

    Brickborn farming. Indoor food production in urban area. A case study

  • p 623 application/pdf (1.83 MB)

    Marlène Leroux

    Modernising rural China: alternative urban scenarios for Chengdu Plain

  • p 624 application/pdf (1.64 MB)

    Fanqi Liu

    Eating as a Planned Activity: Food Preference and the Built Environment in Sydney

  • p 625 application/pdf (3.00 MB)

    Chiara Lucchini

    Deindustrialization and urban agriculture. A new economy for Detroit's vacant lands

  • p 626 application/pdf (1.82 MB)

    Alessandra Manganelli

    Exploring governance tensions in the Brussels’alternative foodscapes

  • p 627 application/pdf (2.54 MB)

    Céline Massal, Lulie Le Gall, Elisa Maraccini

    From città diffusa to campagna diffusa: city-countryside relationships and representations in the corridor between Pisa and Empoli

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    Christian H. Meyer

    Citizen Science for sustainable development: Knowledge co-creation in urban food systems – A conceptual framework

  • p 629 application/pdf (1.32 MB)

    Cristiana Peano, Nadia Tecco

    Who can cultivate a communal urban garden?  A cross-analysis about methods and criteria for the users-identification in the Metropolitan area of Turin

  • p 630 application/pdf (2.09 MB)

    Esther Sanyé-Mengual

    Deepening in the socio-environmental motivations behind public and private urban gardening experiences in Barcelona

  • p 631 application/pdf (2.03 MB)

    Esther Sanyé-Mengual, Pablo Knobel, Joan Rieradevall

    A growing urban gardening

  • p 632 application/pdf (891.39 kB)

    Kathrin Specht

    Future|Food|Commons: A framework to investigate trends and impacts of “sharing” in new producer- consumer relationships

  • p 633 application/pdf (2.50 MB)

    Roxana Maria Triboi

    Urban pastoralism

  • p 634 application/pdf (1.68 MB)

    Burcu Yaslak

    Promoting peri-urban agriculture and entrepreneurship in Istanbul

  • p 635 application/pdf (2.32 MB)

    Gianni Scudo, Matteo Clementi

    Local productive systems planning tools for bioregional development

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