Track 2. Governance and Private Entrepreneurship [pp 199-282]

  • Track 2 [pp 199-282] application/pdf (1.53 MB)
  • pp 200-214 application/pdf (299.03 kB)

    Lisa V. Betty

    The historic and current use of social enterprise in food system and agricultural markets to dismantle the systemic weakening of african descended communities

  • pp 215-225 application/pdf (259.67 kB)

    Jane Midgley

    Making food valued or the value(s) of food: a study of local food governance arrangements in Newcastle, England communities

  • pp 226-237 application/pdf (484.25 kB)

    Melika Levelt

    Creating space for urban farming: the role of the planning professional t--> communities

  • pp 238-245 application/pdf (285.19 kB)

    Nadia Tecco, Federico Coppola, Francesco Sottile, Cristiana Peano

    Adaptive governance or adjustment for planning and management the urban green spaces? The case of communal and community gardens in Turin

  • pp 246-260 application/pdf (436.77 kB)

    Gaston Remmers

    Cracking codes between the health care and the agrofood system: the development of a food supplement for prostate cancer in the Netherlands case of communal and community gardens in Turin

  • pp 261-269 application/pdf (241.66 kB)

    Andrea Calori

    Do an urban food policy needs new institutions? Lesson learned from the Food Policy of Milan toward food policy councils

  • pp 270-282 application/pdf (408.73 kB)

    Alessia Toldo, Giacomo Pettenati, Egidio Dansero

    Exploring urban food strategies: four analytical perspectives and a case study (Turin)

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