Track 3. Relevant experiences and Practices [pp 283-439]

  • Track 3 [pp 283-439] application/pdf (5.38 MB)
  • pp 284-296 application/pdf (530.88 kB)

    Esther Sanyé-Mengual, Jordi Oliver-Solà, Juan Ignacio Montero, Joan Rieradevall

    Using a multidisciplinary approach for assessing the sustainability of urban rooftop farming

  • pp 297-306 application/pdf (1.04 MB)

    Jeroen de Vries, Ruth Fleuren

    A spatial typology for designing a local food system

  • pp 307-313 application/pdf (247.99 kB)

    Kathrin Specht, Esther Sanyé-Mengual

    Urban rooftop farming in Berlin and Barcelona: which risks and uncertainties do key stakeholders perceive?

  • pp 314-323 application/pdf (235.08 kB)

    Erica Giorda, Gloria Lowe

    Restoring houses and restoring lives: experiments in livability in the Detroit East Side

  • pp 324-335 application/pdf (270.20 kB)

    Rosalba D’Onofrio, Decio Rigatti, Massimo Sargolini, Elio Trusiani

    Vineyard Landscapes: a common denominator in Italian and Brazilian landscapes

  • pp 336-342 application/pdf (224.42 kB)

    Sergi Garriga Bosch, Josep-Maria Garcia-Fuentes

    The idealization of a "Barcelona model" for markets renovation

  • pp 343-354 application/pdf (265.39 kB)

    Patricia Bon

    Participatory planning for community gardens: practices that foster community engagement

  • pp 355-364 application/pdf (470.55 kB)

    Aurora Cavallo, D. Pellegrino, Benedetta Di Donato, Davide Marino

    Values, roles and actors as drivers to build a local food strategy: the case of Agricultural Park of “Casal del marmo”

  • pp 365-373 application/pdf (341.89 kB)

    Emanuela Saporito

    Roof-top orchards as urban regeneration devices. OrtiAlti case study

  • pp 374-380 application/pdf (214.27 kB)

    Joe Nasr, June Komisar

    Rooftops as productive spaces: planning and design lessons from Toronto

  • pp 381-390 application/pdf (882.85 kB)

    H.C. Lee, R. Childsa, W. Hughes

    Sustainable Food Planning for Maidstone, Kent, UK

  • pp 391-398 application/pdf (252.38 kB)

    Katrin Bohn, André Viljoen

    Second nature and urban agriculture: a cultural framework for emerging food policies

  • pp 399-413 application/pdf (395.02 kB)

    Biancamaria Torquati, Giulia Giacchè, Chiara Paffarini

    Panorama of urban agriculture within the city of Perugia (Italy)

  • pp 414-426 application/pdf (2.50 MB)

    Ana Maria Viegas Firmino

    Learning and Tips for more Sustainable Urban Allotments in Portugal

  • pp 426-439 application/pdf (242.43 kB)

    Melika Levelt, Aleid van der Schrier

    Logistics drivers and barriers in urban agriculture

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